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Top frequently asked questions

What is the maximum number of recipients I can send at a time?

If using the “Send SMS” page, the recipient box only can enter 3,000 recipients.

What is Personalized SMS?

Personalized SMS is a way that you can upload your CSV file in multiple columns, and do matching to the SMS template.

Sample SMS Template: Dear [name], this is to inform that your monthly internet bill is [amount]. Pls ignore this message if you have made the payment. Thank you!

Your CSV file should have 3 columns (name, amount and mobile number). Our system will match the data to the SMS template for delivery.

Can I be your reseller?

We are always welcome reseller, agent or business partner to work with us. Please contact us to make an appointment.

What is the SMS pricing?

Please visit the pricing page here.

What is the maximum characters per SMS I can put into the message?

160 characters for a normal text message, 70 characters for a Unicode text message (Arabic, Chinese)

What if my message longer than 1 SMS?

You can type the long message into the system, the system will deliver it as 2 SMS message and combine into 1 message at the recipient phone. 2 SMS credits will be deducted.

What is the validity period for the SMS Credits?

All SMS credits are valid for 1 year. You can top-up credits to bring forward the balance of your SMS Credits for another 1 year. The validity calculation formula is “The last reload date” + 1 year

Can I see the status of the SMS? Or delivery status?

Yes, there are 8 types of SMS status in our system; there are Pending, Sent, Delivered Successful, Delivered Failed, Rejected, Expired, Unknown and Error.

Do you charge if the SMS not delivered?

Yes, we charge every SMS sent from our system. System will refund automatically for those SMS with error status in outbox.